Monday, 17 June 2013

Pressure cooker

Daging liat, makan masa yang lama untuk merebus daging.... Try pressure cooker ni, gerenti daging lembut dan menjimatkan masa dan gas.

A pressure cooker is basically a metal pot with a lid. The lid components vital to the function and operation of the pressure cooker are the rubber sealing gasket, pressure regulator, and pressure relief valves. When the lid is properly locked into place on the pressure cooker, an air and steam tight seal is created. As the cooking liquid in the pressure cooker is heated to the boiling point (212°F), steam is created. Since the steam cannot escape from the sealed pressure cooker, it remains trapped inside and pressure is created. When the desired pressure is reached inside the cooking pot, excess steam is allowed to escape to maintain the selected pressure setting and keep the pressure cooker from over pressurizing. Steam pressure and temperature have a parallel relationship. As steam pressure rises, temperature also rises. The increased temperature created by the pressure cooker is why pressure cookers cook food faster than traditional cookware. The internal cooking temperature will vary depending on the different levels of pressure created by the trapped steam. The amount of pressure is measured in pounds of pressure per square inch (psi). The  "SHUNFA" model cooks at high pressure (15 psi, 250°F), For the most part, foods cooked under high pressure are cooked at 250°F, which is 38°F hotter than when food is cooked in a normal pot and speeds up the cooking process considerably.


Benefits of Pressure Cookers

  • Fast - saves up to 70% in cooking time! Your favorite recipes can easily be adapted for pressure cooking to cook in 1/3 of the time.
  • Easy - just load the ingredients and liquids into the cooker, close the lid, bring to pressure and cook, then release and open the lid. It’s that simple!
  • Healthy - because foods are cooked under pressure, up to 50% more vitamins and minerals are retained. Also, shorter cooking times retain more nutritional values of food as well as the natural color. In addition, it cooks without oil.
  • Safe -  "SHUNFA" Pressure Cookers have safety valves that permit any possible excess pressure to escape, so the cooking experience is completely secure.
  • Versatile - all types of foods can be cooked in a pressure cooker – from vegetables, rice, stews, soups, chicken, fish, meat, even desserts.
  • Energy Efficient - because pressure cooking reduces cooking times up to 70%, this means a tremendous conservation of energy.
  • Offers Great Taste - the steam pressure breaks down the fibers in food in a very short time, leaving food moist and succulent, with an intense intermingling of flavors.

Price : RM299.00

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